Leadership : The art of creating Leaders


This time I decide to write more on the experience of running my business. As many of us must have known, one important criteria in a business of any scale is leadership. Whether or not the man in control possesses the correct leadership skills to ensure that the business runs the way it is expected to be. There are many forms of leadership, many definitions, and perspective on this particular skill. Leadership is sometimes how to manage people, sometimes the ability on decision making, sometimes defined as the ability of solving problems, and many more. At the end of the day, I think that the most important definition of leadership is the ability to create leaders.

A leader is truly someone who manages everything by job description, someone who is followed, someone who influences others, someone who trains and instructs. However the ability to create and plant leadership to others is something else to possess. Many leaders are able to lead but not able to recreate leaders. In today’s world, where many jobs are strategy based instead of administration based, one should spread the authority of thinking strategy in order to get the best result. This can be done by giving opportunities to potential star quality employees to make decisions and suggest solutions. I come across interviewing many candidates who are managers in my day to day work as a headhunter, but found that they are mostly assigned to find out the problems, think about why it has happened, instead of creating solution plans. They are made to think about the past, instead of analyzing it and creating future strategy. In most of the cases, their boss or the head of the divisions or so called directors are the ones thinking and deciding on solutions. So what does this mean ? It means that they are only managing people, managing work, managing administration, but not managing concepts or strategy.

There was one story I heard in a company, where there was a meeting between the Director and the line managers, in which one of the managers came up with a problem that has occurred and asked the director on what to do. Instead of giving him an answer, he asked back a question to the manager “What do you think should be done ? “. This forces the subordinate to create a solution and give ideas, which actually practices him or her to become a leader on his own. If this is practiced frequently to all line managers, they will sharpen their leadership skills and become independent problem solver, decision maker, people manager, and all the other things needed to be a perfect leader. It is always said that if you have a strong leader in your organization, your company is to grow fast, imagine if you have strong leaders.

I believe that regeneration of leadership skills gives you the correct advice you need in business. When there are more people thinking about your business, you have a bigger chance to grow. Although it depends on what business or field you are in, if you have strong leaders in your team, you can probably be thinking about other things or be playing golf with your friends, without reducing the speed of your ship. Think about it, hope this helps some of you in your early managerial roles or start up businesses.

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