Quantum Select International is an Executive Search Company and Recruitment Agent dedicated to provide high quality executives and human resources to the business community. The fact that all companies require the services of professional and qualified manpower to do business in a competitive environment in order to become leaders in their prospective fields; the need to locate the best talent from the market has become essential in today’s business and we are here to help you do so.

Recruitment in general can be easy or very difficult. You may get the most suitable candidate within a day or in months. It totally depends on the advice you get from consultant. Every position is a unique one, with different function and character in different culture and structure. As one of the top executive search firms, we are here to listen, evaluate and give suggestions based on our experience and research, to provide solution in a most effective and efficient way.

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Should employers retain a resigning employee ?
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Should employers retain a resigning employee ?

One of the things that I learned over the years is many employers think that we should do anything we..

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Effective Ways for Maintaining Good Relationships
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Effective Ways for Maintaining Good Relationships

In our daily lives, we often need to get along with people and to maintain good relationships with them. Maintaining..

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Dream Big, Reach High, Take it step by step…
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Dream Big, Reach High, Take it step by step…

Dream is such a motivator; this is what I personally feel. I am writing this based on my personal experience,..

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Communication is the Key
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Communication is the Key

In a life as a recruiter, I come across many different characters of people which I have mainly divided into..

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Candidates for This Position Should Love Producing
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Candidates for This Position Should Love Producing

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What People Say About Us

  • Ong Tika

    HR & Admin Manager

    QSI is good partner to provide professional candidate based on our requirement. With good support and fast feedback from the recruiter , its very helping our job.

  • Hendra Thanwijaya

    Director and Chief Agency Officer

    Quantum Select International is more than just a headhunter, but also a career counselor who can provide me with an advantage in a competitive job market. Their professionals help me to improve the way I present myself to potential employers

  • Dwirani Hadiprawoto

    Recruitment Manager

    QSI has been very helpful for our company. They impressed is with their efficient, professional manner that generated results we're looking for. Understood that Indonesia is facing a struggling talent war, but we can always lean on QSI in providing their excellent services. They have wide-ranged talents across country, with our desired quality. And not only talents, but they're also providing consultancy on the talent market condition that broaden our insights. After 3 years of their excellent services, our experience with Quantum Select Indonesia confirms to us that we're partnered with one of the best in this industry.

  • Meiki Tosri

    HR Manager, Indonesia

    QSI is an esteemed recruitment agency that we know for the past few years. Supported by their professional team, They had provided good talent acquisition support to its clients

  • Dian Eka Lestari

    Recruitment Specialist

    QSI responds in a timely manner and gives the best candidate to our enquiries

  • Tabita Ivanna Kainama

    Asst. Recruitment Manager

    QSI has always been our trusted partner for recruitment for the past three years. Their key in delivering their service lies on their persistence and reliability when sending candidates. Always delivering the best and most suitable candidates that match with our needs. When other agents quit after sending one or two candidates that was rejected, QSI learns and keeps trying to narrow down until we find a suitable candidate. This helps us in filling up most of the positions with the most precise candidates.

  • Titien Supeno

    HR Director

    Quantum services really understand the need of the client, they take time to identify the requirements then try their best finding the best candidate. They are professional and reliable.

  • Tri Sasotyo Adi

    Head of Operations

    I knew Quantum Select International from Ms Pricilla Nikijuluw, she introduced me with one of the big 3 company in the world and now i'm enjoying work with them. Ms Cilla is very professional & always making long term relationship with the candidates & I think that is the Quantum Select International culture & ways of working. Thank you Quantum Select International.

  • Ronald Octavianus

    Finance Director

    I know Quantum Select International in the last 2 years through my friends who recommend it and I am very impressed with the performance and the way they work which is very professional, starting from the initial stage to the final stage of the recruitment process. For the services, I am not wrong in choosing the head hunter. Because, this is a part of my professional career journey as well. Many thanks and appreciate for Quantum Select International.

  • Rilwan Hamzah

    HR Manager

    Recruitment has been one of our important targets in our company. We believe that recruiting the best right person for the right position is very essential to ensure business sustainability. We have been working with Quantum for several years, and so far we found that they have provided us with a very professional service from the very beginning of the talent search until the recruitment finalization. Therefore we keep working together with them especially to find high potential candidates that fit to our requirements.

  • Berman Natanael

    HR Service Manager

    Quantum offer flexibility to get the business done, which is valuable to companies look for talented people in the market.

  • El Nora

    HR Sr. Manager

    Quantum Select International deliver quick service with high quality result which meet as per what client need.

  • Titin Fatimah

    HRA Head

    it’s nice to know and to have supported from Quantum Select International, the services is good and reliable.

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